Business goals should lead the technology. Not the other way around.

Your development project will be guided by Josh.

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Technology can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

What if you could start by simply answering the question you know best?

What are your business goals for this development project?

  • A specific financial ROI?
  • Benchmark improvements you’ve set for employee productivity?
  • A the number of installs of your app on the AppStore?
  • Some other specific business goal?

At Centreville Tech, we treat your tech project as an asset and approach the development process with your business goals as king. (We’ll also make sure to communicate any of the information you need to know about your technology project in plain English.)

Here’s how your project will unfold.


Whatever your business goals, we always start at the same place. We’ll connect with you via Zoom for a complimentary 1-2 hour open-ended discussion to hear all about what you’re trying to accomplish. This gives us an opportunity to meet each other, and determine if we would be a good fit to help you reach your goals.

  • Mobile App Development
  • Custom Client or Admin Portal Development
  • Custom Website Development
  • IOT or Wearables Integrations
  • Desktop Software Development


The Discover phase is the most important part of your development journey. Before writing a line of code, it’s imperative that we develop documentation that clearly outlines both the goals of your project, and the feature set necessary to hit those goals.
During the Discover phase, we will do several things required for your project to be successful.

Author Project Requirements Document

First, we will author the first draft of a project requirements document (sometimes referred to as a PRD or SRS) that initially defines each feature, along with the corresponding user tests necessary to ensure the feature was built properly.

We will walk you through our series of proprietary questionnaires developed to identify areas where the initial PRD may have holes.

Then, using your answers to the questionnaires, we’ll expand or reduce the scope as set out in the initial PRD and refine this into a document you can take to a visual UI designer for the design phase.

Note that you should have this document in hand BEFORE you hire a visual UI designer to do any blueprint/wireframe/illustrations for your project.

Provide Recommendations for Your Technology Stack

We will provide our initial recommendations for your technology architecture. This documentation will include projected monthly infrastructure costs for keeping your software functioning in the future.

This step is critical. If you learn during our Discover phase that maintaining your project would require more investment than your expected investment return, you can end the project here before investing further in formal design and development.

Package Deliverables and Provide Fixed Cost for Design

Finally, we will provide a fixed bid for design of UI/UX wire frames and rendering for each screen.

This document will give you a fixed bid (not hourly) cost to complete this next step in our process, Design.


Watch the project come to life before your eyes! During our Design phase, we carefully craft UI renderings for each screen. This allows you to see exactly how your software (web or mobile) will look and be expected to function once developed.

Design Deliverables

  • An Adobe XD file with user interface renderings of every screen in the app.
  • A flow chart document explaining how each screen fits together and which screens link to which when buttons are clicked, a push notification is received, a switch is flipped, etc.
  • A fixed bid for the development and implementation of your project. (We call this the Develop phase.)


Once you’ve received your deliverables from our Design phase, it’s time to get started on the implementation of your vision! We call this our Develop phase.

During this phase, our team will work on the final-form technology architecture, source code, domain management, and everything else that goes into bringing your project into reality.

This is usually the longest phase of those you’ve been through so far with us, and it will involve frequent communication with you as we work to get everything built out.

Develop Deliverables

  • A staging and production environment set up correctly on a reliable web host such as Linode or AWS
  • A Gitlab repository containing the source code of your application
  • An document containing all login credentials necessary to access everything that powers your application
  • A flowchart showing how the various services required for your application connect and interact with each other
  • The submission of your app to Google Play and the Apple App Store
  • The setup of a continuous integration system, such as DeployBot
  • The setup of a bug tracking environment for your software such as Mantis, or Jira

Some of these deliverables may not apply to your project. We’ll outline which ones are relevant during our Discover phase so there’s no surprises when you arrive at the end of the Develop phase.

Deploy Ongoing Maintenance

While some technology projects do not require on-going maintenance to keep them updated and secure, others do. If your project does, we’re prepared to be your technology partner to keep your technological investment running soundly for years to come.

With term lengths of 6 months, 12 months, 2 years, and 5 years, we’ll reserve a set number of hours during our working month exclusively for you, to maintain, monitor, and improve on your applications as necessary.

We make recommendations during our Discover phase regarding what is necessary for the On-Going Maintenance phase, so you’ll be able to plan financially for the long-term care of your project.

When we sign an On-Going Maintenance covenant, you can be assured that our team will promptly handle your requests, and be available as needed to minimize your business risk and keep your systems running at full potential.

Ongoing Maintenance Responsibilities

  • Monitor the health and security of your asset
  • Keep your project on updated software and frameworks
  • Keep your project secured from hackers
  • Further develop your project as needed to accommodate your-going business needs
  • Provide painless tech support for questions, problems, and maintenance related to your asset

  • “The team at Centreville Tech knows technology, and understands the importance of business-aligned development. This team was focused, knowledgeable, and well-prepared to deliver the vision for my projects. I would recommend them for your development needs!”

    —Richard Ray

    Founder, R2 Red Brahmans

  • “The team at Centreville Tech knows technology, and understands the importance of business-aligned development. This team was focused, knowledgeable, and well-prepared to deliver the vision for my projects. I would recommend them for your development needs!”

    —Richard Ray

    Founder, R2 Red Brahmans

We stand ready to give your technology project the white-glove treatment it deserves.

Our commitment to provide excellence in web and mobile application development is anchored in our attentiveness to clear communication and the application of our time-tested process to meet your specific goals.

We hold ourselves to a high standard of ethics. We will demonstrate through our successful execution of your project’s objectives that Centreville Tech is a deeply valuable resource for the advancement of your long-term vision.

As a business leader, you need a technology team that you can count on.

If you’re looking for a process-driven development team you can explain your business goals to and feel confident that you’ll end up with exactly what you need, let’s get on the phone.

If you have less than $40,000 available for this process, there may be better options available for you. We can assess and advise you on this during our free consultation call.