About Us

At Centreville Tech, we operate as a collective of technology professionals working to help you reach your design+development goals. We do this through creation of tailored web and mobile app software, design services, and business process automations.

Our fundamental operating principles are as follows:

  • Design and development projects are not merely creative expressions but rather business assets that should deliver tangible/measurable returns to your business.
  • Whatever we design or develop, we should be willing to claim responsibility for it and show it off as if we own it.
  • Every project is an opportunity to learn and refine our craft, improve our processes, and raise the standards of our industry.
  • We must always take responsibility for both the good and the bad that happens when developing new technology initiatives.

We know that your technology project will reflect on you, your business, and the way your customers see you. At Centreville Tech, we take this responsibility seriously and soberly. We’ll stand with you to build something we can be proud of together.

Corporate Headquarters

Our office is located in Centreville, Alabama on the Centreville Historic Town Square. We share a building with one of Alabama’s oldest newspapers, The Centreville Press.

Centreville Tech Corporate Headquarters

Mailing Address

Centreville Tech, LLC
38 Court Square West
Centreville, AL 35042

Tools Of The Trade

The platforms, frameworks, and design software we choose to use have been selected based on several factors. These are things such as the ability to find developers to work on your code in the future or availability of updates and security patches to reflect a constantly changing business environment. With that in mind, here are some of the frameworks and tools we use in development of your technology assets:

  • For development of custom backend software, we use Laravel.
  • For development of desktop applications, we use Electron.JS.
  • For development of mobile applications, we use Titanium.
    • Titanium is the most mature mobile framework currently on the market for development of mobile applications. Centreville Tech’s own Josh Lambert and Thomas Hobson both serve as board members for TiDev, Inc. — the software non-profit foundation that maintains the Titanium framework.
  • For development and maintenance of websites, we use WordPress, along with addons such as Advanced Custom Fields, WooCommerce, and Updraft.
  • For design of user interfaces and walk-throughs, we use Adobe XD.
  • For hosting of our software and websites, we use Linode.
  • For backups of our critical customer data, we use Backblaze.
  • For pro-active monitoring and outage alerts for our websites and software, we use StatusCake.
  • For hosting of our source-code, we use Gitlab.
  • For deployment of source code, we use DeployBot.