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We’re strategic design+development advisors based in central Alabama. We work with startups as well as maturing companies—taking them through our proven process to develop visual identity and branding, craft custom websites, write cross-platform mobile apps, and provide other tailored solutions. If you’re looking for trustworthy advisors, in an age when others simply crank things out that look good, work with us.

Phase I: Initial Project & Vision Meeting

Before you can begin designing or developing, you must have a very clear understanding of what needs to be done. A formal project commencement meeting with us involves a two- or three-hour meeting at your office, discussing high-level questions related to your marketing strategy, your target market and ideal user, your financial structure, the business problems you’re facing, how solutions to those problems will increase your company’s bottom line, and so forth. These questions are carefully and purposely designed to begin bringing to light answers that will give us the direction we need to serve you and your work best. Once this meeting is over, you will not have app blueprints or designs, but we will all leave the conversation with an accurate understanding of the next steps. Your time is valuable, and so is ours. To properly prioritize this meeting and to begin the process of working with us, we require a one-time, non-refundable fee. This demonstrates that you’re invested in your project and will take it seriously.


Phase II: Research, Mapping & Design

Next, we dig in deeper to understand the more intricate goals, processes, and details related to your project. This part of the process often includes talking to users, researching demographics and trends, and probing deeper into the marketing strategies and financial projections. The answers to these questions (and more) give us what we need to put together a schedule of development, breaking everything down into clear, actionable steps with timeframes. Once this is done and you’ve determined you’re ready to move forward, we’ll draw up a system of guides and standards to inform the coming design/development decisions. This process sometimes involves crafting a consistent brand identity, including complete with typography, colors. This is also the phase where, depending on your project, we work carefully to conceptualize, architect, and finalize blueprints for your website, software, or mobile app, in preparation for the next phase—development.


Phase III: Development & Deployment

Once we have clear blueprints and designs, we’ll begin building and developing the project in line with the timeframes and processes that we agreed upon. This has included brokering domain name purchases, and setting up servers, hosting, and backups. It has also included hand-crafting custom Wordpress solutions with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; building a portal for back-end operations, and developing cross-platform mobile apps in Axway Titanium for use with 40,000+ users. As we finish the development of the project, we’ll work closely with you to deploy and launch it—whether it’s a mobile app or a website, we’ll see it through to the finish line. Because we’ll be working closely with you, every step of the way you’ll be a part of clear communication regarding questions, status, updates, concerns, delays, and more.


Security Arrangement

Perhaps you have ongoing project needs. Maybe it’s a list of miscellaneous things that need to be done, but done well. Or, maybe you have continuing maintenance and development needs, but with a preexisting software solution or platform that you’ve already had built. Or, perhaps you have other long-term needs that don't fit neatly into our typical process. If this is the case, the best fit for you would may be our Security Arrangement. This will secure our team’s devotion to your company for an amount of time per month, so you can have confidence that we can handle your needs month after month. The monthly price for this setup is highly tailored based on your specific needs, degree of urgency, and budget, and typically last for one year or longer. The best way to determine a price is to discuss your needs and work out a solution through conversation.

$2,500/mo +


Design and development are much more than simply nice colors, fonts, a working website, and a salesman. We must begin to address the ethical questions in design and development. Should we build this? Will it actually help our target users? Who could we hurt if we build this? Are we helping to build a harmful future for the next generation? Is this cute error message going to trigger someone with PTSD, or someone who just emerged from a traumatic season of life? Does a designer have ethical responsibilities to society? What can we, as designers, do to make positive lasting contributions to society beyond simply cool visuals that will be outdated next year? Josh Lambert, Centreville Tech’s Head of Development, and Kyle Shepherd, Centreville Tech’s Head of Design, are available for speaking on these topics at your public or private event.


Work with us

Are you looking for real solutions to your problems? Work with us. We’re not the cheapest firm you could hire. We’ll argue with you. But it’s because we care about you and your business, and will take care of you like no one else in Alabama.