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About the Team

Centreville Tech, LLC is a technology solutions provider and software engineer outsourcer. The company was launched by Josh Lambert in 2015 and presently has full-time employees developing software and business applications. The company is developing specialized email hosting applications for small municipalities and county government application and offers website hosting through a local ISP service. In addition, the company provides trained computer technicians to install, service, and repair computers and support small business networks.

Josh Lambert


Josh is a visionary at heart, a guy who enjoys applying technology to solve business problems around him to make the world a better place. He’s a leader, as a senior software engineer specializing in cross-platform app development, and a multi-business startup founder solving problems from Joplin, Missouri to West Melbourne, Florida. He brings these skills to the Centreville Tech team to craft the world of tomorrow.

Kyle Shepherd


Kyle’s background in graphic design and typography provide a solid foundation for his role as the user-experience designer at Centreville Tech. When he’s not problem solving and crafting smooth experiences for app and system users, he can be found reading, listening to Ace of Base or The Lord of the Rings, or developing one of his many side hustles to create jobs in his community.

David Daniel


David is a resident of Bibb County and lives in Centreville. In 1982 David, with the help of wife Karen, designed and built the first cable TV system in the county which served all municipalities in the area. His responsibilities now involve directing Centreville Tech operations and coordinating technical support for folks. Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife and grandchildren and he enjoys working with local history enthusiasts.

Mike Hobson


Mike  is a retired attorney and formerly served as Mayor of the City of Centreville. He was an instructor and an administrator in the Alabama two-year college system for fifteen years and owned and operated service-oriented businesses for more than twenty years. He uses his broad experiences to bring new businesses, new ideas, and new revenue streams into the community that he calls home.

Samuel Marinov


Sam is from Houston, Texas, a computer science major at Texas A&M University. His journey in computer science began when his father bought him an HTML book at the age of eight. Since then, he’s expanded his interests in computer science. His role at Centreville Tech includes app development, server management, and system administrator responsibilities.