Bibb County Commission Rebrand

You want growth. You want new businesses to locate in your region. You want residents beating down the doors to move to your community.

In today’s information economy, it’s imperative that governments looking to encourage regional growth and development take action to interrupt the information flow, presenting themselves in the new digital public square with their assets front-and-center.

The leadership in Bibb County including the county administrator and county commission partnered with Centreville Tech to brand and position the county online prioritizing ease of access to government information, while also marketing the county and it’s assets to the world. They understood the importance of a well-crafted website and brand for a populace that lives with the internet in their back pocket.

This design prioritizes both access to contact information needed in an emergency, as well as the Bibb Alert system used to provide hazardous weather mobile notifications.

This partnership focused on a few key goals:

  • Rebrand the county presenting it as trustworthy and growth-oriented.
  • Making it EASY for someone to get enrolled in the Bibb Alert, a critical way for the Bibb County EMA to communicate information to residents such as tornado warnings or other crucial safety notices.
  • Making it EASY for industrial scale businesses to find information about the Bibb County Industrial Park and 0A8 airport.
  • Ensure that a resident of Bibb landing on the website and searching for information such as meeting times or where to renew their license tag can find it easily.
  • Highlighting local attractions to encourage tourism and relocation.
  • Doing all of the above in a mobile friendly way, presenting the content in display-constrained situations with an eye for priority. (Bibb Alert first, then contact info, etc.)

In pursuit of these goals, Centreville Tech was hired and provided the following deliverables to the county government:

  1. Developed information architecture for website.
  2. Cleaned up copy from old site, and provided new copy where needed.
  3. Commissioned a new county logo/seal and style guide.
  4. Developed new WordPress theme and website custom designed just for them to meet the aforementioned business goals.

Left: Old website. Right: New website.

Left: Old logo. Right: New logo designed by Josiah Jost.

You can browse the website yourself by clicking here.

If you’re looking for a firm that can develop a high-stakes digital brand where good design, function, and user experience are critical, let’s get on the phone. We may be able to help you!